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California is a state located on the west coast of the United States, with the largest population in the U.S.. If California an independent state, he would be in a position to 6th and 9th in the world economy. And also the most diverse state in the U.S. race, his official title is The Golden State. This is a part of history during the 1849 California Gold Rush, but also refers to the local grass that turned into a golden color in the summer.
California is famous earthquake, because the San Andreas Fault. Although a stronger quake occurred in Alaska and along the Mississippi River, the earthquake in California is famous for its frequency and its location in the populous region. Some people believe, ultimately, a major earthquake will cause the breakup of coastal California with the continent, and will sink into the ocean or forming a new land. The reality of this scenario is not possible from the viewpoint of geologikal, but does not reduce the public trust, or by the producers of media science-fiction and fantasy often exploit this possibility.
Here are a few tourist attractions in California are worth a visit if you're there:
1. Zeppelin Airship Venture - San Francisco Area, California. This is the largest airship flying the skies over the planet and currently there are just three of them, one being right here in San Francisco! The others are in Germany and Tokyo. You will be impressed when you see how this fabulous creation floats through the skies
2. Marconi Automotive Museum - Tuslin, California. This museum first opened its doors in 1994. There are over 40 mint condition cars at the museum. The classics include a 1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet, 1937 Ahrens-Fox fire engine, a bright yellow 1973 Ferrari convertible, and a black 1989 Lamborghini Countac, etc.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amazing Barocay

Boracay is a small island south of Luzon Island, Philippines. And is one of the most popular tourist destination. In that sense, it is not complete without a visit to the Philippines stopped at this small island.
beaches in Boracay, was mentioned as the second most beautiful beaches in the world after the beach at Malibu. and many tourists from Korea and Japan that often holidays here.
To reach Boracay, we can only use a propeller aircraft. When he left, we boarded the plane that people berpenumpang 30s, using the South East Airlines. Travel for 35 minutes, not too long.
Boracay does not have an airport, for that we must land at Caticlan on Panay island. Size small enough airport reminded me of Jurassic Park, where a small plane that berpenumpang tourists, landed at a deserted airport pioneers from the crowd. Actually there is more that 1 airport Kalibo Airport is located in northern Panay. From here to Boracay, further, we must ride bus or van. So do we reply faster via Caticlan. This advantage is also being picked up by SE Airlines, all of their aircraft landed in Caticlan, and they have the motto "The fastest Airline to Boracay". Meanwhile, Cebu Airlines, have landed in Kalibo Airport, and it was influential on the price of their tickets. Flights to Boracay to Cebu Arilines "only" 4000 pesos. The difference is quite tuh ma SE Airlines.
Beach here was really white. The water was clear, and no rocks or seaweed. Even when we bit into the center, until the chest-high water, tetep no seaweed or algae and corals. Instead, the existing sand-colored fish that we ngajak play. Swimming in the ocean like a swimming pool, the sea was calm. Only the occasional big wave, remaining calm as the swimming pool. Was really beach lovers paradise.

One of the activities on the island of Boracay is around. By paying 1300 pesos, we hired a boat to spin around the island. Morning is the perfect time for this activity. Armed with a snorkel and bread, we set off, across the sea: p

The first goal is to Cove Island, a private island in which there are resorts, but this resort is also lonely. To go to this place we have to pay about 100 pesos per person. Inside were the towers to see the beach, and the funny buildings suitable for picture ria deh. The scenery is the sea cliffs and the waves are big enough. Here are 2 caves. The first cave, relatively small, to get to the cave, we must narrow down the super-fit that only 1 person, his reply segede Tika Panggabean, ga guaranteed to pass. In the cave, there are formed granite rising (I'm also not clear whether this is real or artificial). Well a good place for still photographs.

The second cave is located higher and to get to the bottom, the road is more difficult, because we have doused ria berbasah waves, and there was 1 small hall, where we have to go with my head down. This turned out to penetrate into the cave. The sound waves that broke the rocks in a cave plus echo, making the atmosphere in the cave seemed scary, even in daylight.

Apart from Cove Island, we headed to Crocodile Island, an island uninhabited rocks. The shape of this small island is like a crocodile's stomach. Crocodile Island near a spot for snorkeling. After the ship moored at the anchors who seems to have provided for the ship, I can not wait to jump straight into the sea. Fortunately, the boat captain does not suggest that a fairly shallow depth. In every ship is provided the steps, from where I nyemplung into the sea. The waves were pretty big day, because it does not use shoes and Fin, I ga dare to swim away. Just around the ship. Helmsman advised to feed the fish with the bread we had brought. Sure enough, once the bread into the water, hundreds of fish come right out and rush to eat bread. Perhaps because it has become a tourist attraction, then the fish is also benign and dare to play near us. In fact, we can hold the fish that were swarming around the bread. The rocks here, frankly not as good as in Indonesia. Even in the Thousand Islands, coral more diverse and beautiful.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wakatobi Island

The beauty of national parks under the sea Wakatobi, apparently so flabbergast for the world, because as much as 90 percent of sea coral species in the world found under the sea Wakatobi. Which means that 850 species of coral from the sea of the world as much as 750 species found on down Wakatobi sea.
View from Wakatobi is located in the heart of the coral triangle which at this time as national parks, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Paua New Guiena, Salamon Islands and Timor Leste. Waktobi entry in three world-class dive center. However, in an effort to increase the number of tourists to come in the national parks Waktobi enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature with heaven digelari the sea bottom, which is a tourism potential that should proud a local government by the community, the need of infrastructure support, such as the airport is sufficient to facilitate the access of tourists arriving in Wakatobi, as well as with the facilities and infrastructure of the hotel and restaurant is international.
Wakatobi diapit the island by sea in two of Banda Sea and Flores Sea is the confluence of two currents in the sea. According to the fisheries and marine science, the effects of the two currents of the sea, there rotation to flow from the top surface and from surface to the bottom. This caused the growth and perkembanga plankton and coral reefs to be very healthy.
Wakatobi district has a rich maritime potential. Overall, the Wakatobi marine store wealth as 396 coral species of the sea. The types of coral that is found among other Acrophora SPP, SPP Dendrophyllia, Favia Abdita, Echinopora Horrida, Favites spp, Heliofungia Actiniformis, Holothuria edulis, Lobophylla SPP, Montastrea spp, Mycedium spp, Millepora spp, spp Nepthea, Oulophylla Crispa, Oxypora spp, Pavona Clavus, P decussata, Platygira Lamellina, P. Pini, Porites spp, spp Porithes, Spirobranchus Giganteus, Symphyllia spp, and Turbinaria Frondens.
Type fish into the sea which, among other Wakatobi Abudefduf Leucogaster, A. Saxatilis, Acanthurus Achilles, A. Aliosa, A. Mata, Amphiprion tricinctus, Chaetodon Specullum, Chelinus Undulatus, Chelmon Rostratus, Heniochus Acuminatus, H. Permutatus, Macolor Macularis (snappers), Napoleon Wrasse, Paramia Quinquelineata, Scarus Qibbus, and S. Taeniurus. Some other types of marine biota ie kima, lola, fish, turtle, and other species.
To achieve the Wakatobi archipelago, the visitor should be transiting in Makassar. From Makassar, the visitor will come during the 45 minute flight to Kendari. After that, visitors will travel through the sea for 9 days using a motor boat to the Wanci. If that is the enchantment under the sea in the most spectacular sea Wakatobi.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Event "Sail Bunaken 2009"

A big event will be held in Indonesia. Event name in the "Sail Bunaken 2009" which will take place in mid-August to come mengagendakan has ten main activities include sailing and fly pass pass in the Bay of Manado, North Sulawesi.

In sailing pass and pass on the fly Sail Bunaken 2009 has been registered as much as 39 war ships from 26 countries, 4 tallships (Nadezhda / Russia, Dewa Ruci, major tourist Ocean, and Ocean Tunas), and 162 yachts. Sail Bunaken akan followed 50 ships that came from the North (Australia), East (Japan) and West (Singapore) to do the rally for 2-3 months in the waters of Indonesia. Ships that will participate in Sail Bunaken this will start arriving in Manado about upcoming August 1.

Event "Sail Bunaken 2009"
- Show & Expo
- Carnical & Festival
- Seminar
- Tournaments
- Rally & Race
- Touring & Diving
- Fun & Games

As many as 29 ships of war which, among others, from the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, UK, India, Brazil, France, Malaysia, Netherlands, Chile, Peru, Syria and Turkey will participate in the boat parade perang.Indonesia akan involve 10 ships in war activities.

In addition, he continued, 163 yacht (yacht) from various countries will also follow the rally cruises in the "Sail Bunaken 2009." Rally cruises start from Darwin, Australia, and ended in Bitung, Sulawesi Utara. Sail Bunaken 2009 will also be carried out dipping the bulk of the Day coincided with the Independence of Indonesia that will involve more than 1500 of the plunger in and outside the country. This dive will also be recorded in Guinness Book of Records.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely December at Toraja

Toraja as one of the main tourist destination in Indonesia, offers a program that is "Lovely December." This program is the government's efforts in increasing tourism visits in this area.
With a variety of cultural attractions and natural scenery that is very captivating, it will offer a different experience for each person who came to Toraja.
Various attractions are, among other signs Solo (Toraja traditional funeral ceremony), signs Tuka (syukuran indigenous Toraja ceremony), and Masemba (dance avenge themselves Toraja). Typically, signs and signs Solo Tuka was held in accordance hajatan family agenda family specific.
As for other activities in the series of "Lovely December" among others Maiting River Festival, Dance Festival Pagellu, Buffalo contest, Climbing, and major tourist attractions.
All districts and cities took to support the cultural attractions. For example, Makkacaping of Bissu Sidrap and dances from Pangkep.
Come and watch "Lovely December in Tana Toraja.

Thailand, Journey to Phuket..

For a perfect beach holiday, Phuket (from the Malay language, "Hill") can offer a very complete. Marine rock that looks like jade and sapphire, the beach with white sand like crystals, will remove all your fatigue and provide tranquility, rileksasi, and new freshness.

If you want a more romantic location, you can Trang province to the next (where the marriage ceremony under the water, now recorded in the Guinness Book of Records). Or with the family to Rai Le and Ao Nang Beach, the beach is fantastic. For the young spirited, Ko Lanta and Ton Sai Bay in Krabi province offer the fun will not be forgotten.

For dive lovers, the world's best diving, among others, in the Surin and Similan Island, which has ika-the world's largest fish, bull sharks, Manta rays and even with five-wing meternya still sometimes seen. Want to drive the adrenalin? Try rock climbing on the limestone cliffs which are very beautiful in the province of Krabi. For those who want quiet, try the beach in Phang Nga Bay, filled with unique limestone formation like nails. Or, enjoy golf on five world-class golf courses Phuket.

Most attractions are not much affected by the tsunami, and has been re-entertain the tourists from all over the world. So, no need to hesitate, come to this world's favorite location (based on a survey by Lonely Planet last year).

Venues center tour:

This most popular beach, is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing and parasailing. Night life and places berbelanjanya also become a favorite.

Kata Beach
Two of the coastal very glamor, and enjoy the style of Thai massage by the beach. The word came to peselancar during June to November to conquer ombaknya.

Chalong Bay
On the south side of the island, Chalong Bay restaurants boast marine who is very popular. Also available is the event to catch shark.

Phi Phi Island
This island became the location of the film The Beach (Leonardo Di Caprio). You can also see the Viking Cave (with ancient paintings on the walls), and snorkeling.

Phang Nga Bay
One of the natural wonders of the world that enthrall, with the formation of rocks which is really unique. You can also see the Bat Cave, or to James Bond Island (the location where the film The Man with the Golden Gun), or stop by to Panyee island, an island that is inhabited by Muslim people of Thailand.

Main beach at Pattaya is a curve as far as 3 kilometers, which lists tropical plants refreshing. Favorite place to swim, rileksasi, and various water sports.

Other Recreation:
So much that can be viewed and enjoyed, such as with the elephant tracks, Phuket Shell Museum, and the Phuket Fantasea, a show that makes you upset.

In addition, do not forget to visit:

- Thai Village in Thepkasattri Road, serves the specialty of the southern Thai for lunch and dinner, while watching traditional Thai dance performance, compete sword, Thai boxing, and the elephants and local culture. There is also a craft that interesting.

- Pearl Farm
- Crafts Center in Thepkrasattri Road, showing artists silk, lacquer, silver and jewelry.
- Wat Chalong: Buddhist temple in Phuket.
- Chalong Bay: seafood terlezat location in Phuket.
Farm - abalone (Abalone Farm): abalon enjoy fresh with a very cheap price!
- Chana Charoen Crocodile Farm: crocodile farm

Thailand, journey to Pattaya..

Pattaya is a city of flamboyant play of young people from all over the world. The north Pattaya more calm and suitable for rileks, berolah water sport. Meanwhile, south of Pattaya crowded with foreign tourists who enjoy the nightlife. Pattaya can be reached from Suvarnabhumi airport about one hour only.

Some of the recommended places to visit:

Wat Yannasangwararam
Magnificent temples, but heartwarming was built by the King, gave an example of a unique cultural and architectural Thailand. Store important relics of the Buddha, here the visitor can stroll while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere to learn about important aspects of culture in Buddhis Thailand. Is adjacent to the Temple of Wat Viharn sian.

Viharn sian Chinese Statues
This temple has hundreds of beautiful statues carved China. Find ancestors and gods goddess ancient Asian cultures in a tour of the history here, including the bronze statue of a monk with 19 jurus Shaolin kungfu.

Sea Tourism
- Coral Island (Ko Larn)
Place for the family for recreation and water, and found rileks atmosphere. Can be reached by ferry (45 minutes) or the speed boat (15 minutes). Here we can swim, play parasailing, running water, or just sit-sit relaxed.
- Ko Krok: a small island to see the coral sea diving.
- Ko Sak: generally to swim, the accommodation available for tourists.
- Ko phai: 2 hours can be achieved with a boat to rent in South Pattaya. Ideal for relaxation, swimming, diving and fishing.

Sanctuary of Truth
Temple carved out of wood with the principles of good religion, philosophy and art. Location by the beach, quiet atmosphere to give suitable for retret. Sometimes there are dolphins in perairannya.

Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm
Watch the stones that terbekukan for hundreds of years, and has a strange shape like animals, even a tree which has frozen millions of years age seberat 9 tons! Also, there is a rare zoo animals such as giant catfish (up to 500 kg), bear, tiger and albino crocodile. Children can bercengkerama with a baby tiger, horse bangs children, and feed the hungry crocodile.

Three Kingdoms Park
In the garden this culture there are three pagodas that keep religious statues such as the Buddha, Goddess Kuan Im and Dewa-Dewi other China. In addition, there is also a corridor berlukis terpanjang in the world, with a 56 episode story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sam Kok). In this complex in the resort where there is also a horse practice Horseshoe Point.

Floating Market
Various outlets in the form of a wooden house, offers a variety of souvenirs, food and art and crafts from the area of Thailand 4. The market float is changed to the night market at sunset.

Walking Street
Shining neon lights, pubs and various shops that sell all the goods. Here also many seafood restaurants on the waterfront. However, there are areas that should never have children together.

Thailand, Journey to Chiang Mai..

Chiang Mai is known as the Rose of the North, because the beauty and unique friendly. Usually people choose Chiang Mai for a holiday rileks. exciting but also merged with the province to Chiang Rai in the next to enjoy the adventure that will not be forgotten.

Chiang Mai is the capital of their own ancient kingdom LANNA, nation early origin Thailand, by King Mengrai in 1296. Chiang Mai has a beautiful natural scenery, unique architecture, and the best craft in Thailand. If the center is where you find handicrafts such as silk, wood, silver and ceramics.

Some interesting events in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai:

Phrathat Wat Doi Suthep
The most holy temple in the north is much visited by tourists because of its natural beauty and save the holy relics of the Buddha. In a way to Doi Suthep this we will be passing through Chiang Mai Zoo (the panda) and can see the city of Chiang Mai at the foot of the hill.

Old Lanna Wall
Wall old Lanna kingdom, during week days changed Sunday Market to become a shining. I wonder, who never entered the wall of this, a time will surely come back!

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
Provide various goods and food are fun, open until midnight. Place in Bo Sang Handicraft Village Center.

Tracking with Elephants
Tracking with the elephant is one of the activities of the most interesting tourist attraction. We can visit the tribal mountain areas such as ethnic Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Yao, Akha and Lisu. Sometimes, trekking a long period combined with a boat, horse or jeep.

Bo Sang Village
Popular with the umbrella craft, and now provides a variety of interesting souvenirs, including traditional painting paintings on the bag or your jeans.

Doi Ithanon National Park
Doi Ithanon region is the highest mountain in Thailand, and is part of the Himalaya mountains. Mae Ya see, falls from a height of 280 m which is very spectacular, or visit the Royal Project Doi Ithanon, where the cultivation of flowers such as high Carnation and Chrysanthemum. Here there are also Sunrise viewpoint, beautiful place to witness the sunrise from behind the Doi Hua Suea (Mount tiger bow). During winter, the scenery will mesmerize with fog envelop the valley below. Doi Ithanon also very suitable for trekking and birdwatching.

Chiang Mai Zoo
Come visit the Thewa Thewi, two panda funny! In addition to Chiang Mai Zoo, Chiang Mai is also a Night Safari.

Kantoke Dinner
Enjoy events Kantoke Dinner, which includes dances typical Chiang Mai. Dinner is Kantoke regale the present taste typical Chiang Mai.

Thailand, Journey to Bangkok

Geographically, Thailand and-six: in the hills north where elephants work forests and the air in the season dinginnya good enough for plants such as strawberry and peach; broad plateau in the north east boundary with Mekong River; plain middle which is very fertile; in the coastal region east of the resort with a summer-resort on the carpet of white sand, mountains and valleys in the west, and south which is very beautiful.
Although the Thai language almost can not be understood by tourists, but English is understood in the broad places such as Bangkok's primary, and also the official business language in there. Street names to use the English language under the Thai language.

One unique is that we find the similarity with the language that comes from the Sanskrit, as' son ',' daughter ',' husband ',' wife ',' lion ',' wine ', and so forth. In addition, the translation bureau also widely available, both for the Thai language, English, and Indonesia.
Is a Bangkok international airport Don Muang, which is connected with the various airlines from all over the world. You can also continue to travel the world through Don Muang. In addition, there are also international airports at Phuket, Hat Yai, and Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

The train is available from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. In the sea, many ships sail to Thailand, for example, Star Virgo cruise ship that layover in Phuket.

There are some major tourist destinations which are very dear to be missed, namely Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket.

Located at the Chao Phraya river, Bangkok (or called 'Krung Thep' by locals), is a paradox that excite. Maintain the capital of Thailand is an old heritage while welcoming all new things with full enthusiasm.

After the capital for more than two centuries, Bangkok in the last 20 years has witnessed many changes. Building skyscraper of the city formed the new Skytrain split the city with the train speed, and the subway was also ready to take residents beraktivitas.

Options for shopping, dining and evening entertainment is also growing, from the special treat with the art of dance and music tradsional, up to the international entertainment.
da more than 400 temples in the capital city of Thailand is. The famous, among others:

- Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo
Is the Emerald Buddha, and the King's palace. Open hours starting 8:30 pm until 3:30. 200 Baht entrance tickets, including tickets to enter Vimanmek Mansion and the Coin Pavilion. For this location, visitors must wear appropriate clothing and should wear shoes (including women).

- Wat Mahathat
Known as the Great Temple of relics, located in the Wat Phra Kaeo. Those interested in learning meditation Buddhis can learn here, because there is a lesson meditasinya in English.

- Vimanmek Mansion
It is the largest teak building in the world, built in 1901 by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). Save property and priceless collection of 19th century and early 20, and the museum nielloware such as handicrafts, Thai silk with various unique designs, and various jewelry. Open daily from 9:30 to 3:15 pm, and traditional dance show hours 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. Entrance 50 baht. Expected to wear appropriate clothing.

- Wat Pho
Near the Grand Palace, there is a temple built in 1688 as the Reclining Buddha. Gold-plated statue is 46 meters long and up to 15 meters, while the eyes and legs coated by pearl shell. That is at the entrance of the Buddhist Nirwana. Previously, Wat Pho is home to the public in the first Kingdom of Siam, and until now still have a traditional Thai massage education that is very popular there. Open daily 8 am until 5 pm, tickets entrance 20 baht. Expected to wear appropriate clothing.

- Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

One of the symbols of Bangkok's famous city is in the Chao Phraya river bank, and reflective of the very beautiful porcelain coated. Some other interesting places:
- Erawan Shrine
At the corner of Ratchadamri road and Chit Phloen, there is a cult statues of gods four famous sacred face. Many of the special group of tourists came from Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore to conduct prayers here.

- Jim Thompson House
Very popular with the collection of Thai silk is beautiful and complete. Museum is located in the center Kasemsan Soi 2, Rama Road in I. Entrance 100 Baht and are open from Monday to Saturday 9 am to 4 pm. Store-store is also located in shopping malls, major malls.

- Travel in the Chao Phraya river
Along the Chao Phraya river, there is a post-post discharge. Tickets are sold at your hotel, or you can buy your own in the post pemberhentiannya. For tourists, it is advisable to buy tickets in effect throughout the day. One of the postal terujung is right next to the dismissal in the BTS Saphan Taksin Skytrain. There is also a boat for tourists, complete with pemandunya. You can stop at various places of interest, such as the Wat Arun, Golden Palace (post Maharaja Pier), Chinatown, and so forth.

There is also additional to the tour klong (canal), old, witnessed the life of Thailand's past. Every hotel on the river bank, such as the Royal Orchid Sheraton hotel, the Oriental, Shangri-La, Mariott, Peninsula, and so forth, the event also provides a romantic dinner with the ship.

- Dusit Zoo
Zoo is located on Rama V Road, Dusit area, near the Royal Plaza. Has a collection of Asian and African animals, and has a special section of children. Ideal for relaxing with family. Open every harijam 9 to 6 pm. Entrance 30 Baht for adults, 10 Baht for children.

- Snake Farm / Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute
Snake farm is located near Chulalongkorn Hospital, on the corner of Rama IV Road. Open from 8:30 until 4:30 during normal hours and hours of 8:30 to 12 noon during holidays. You can see the venom is taken at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. Entrance 70 Baht.

- Museum dollish Bangkok (Bangkok Doll Museum)
Located in Soi Ratchataphan, in front of Ratchaprarop Road, has a collection of Thai and foreign dolls. Open every day except Sunday, from 8 am until 5 pm. Entrance is free.

- Dream World
Recreation center in Ongkharak-Rangsit Road near the airport is suitable for families, with a miniature legendary location, and modern recreation. Snow LAND available and children can make a snow man, Main sled, and iglo! In addition there are also Hollywood Action, truly unique in Southeast Asia! Open 10 hours every day until 5 pm (7 asat holidays). Entrance 450 Baht including recreation.

- Safari World
Located outside of Bangkok, towards Min Buri. Divided by four parts: Safari Park, Bird Park, Macaw Island and Games Corner. Entrance 400 Baht for adults and 300 Baht for children. Open daily from 9 am until 5 pm.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beauty Of Tana Toraja

Kabupaten Tana Toraja is a district in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The capital of this district is Makale. This district has area of 1990 km ² and has a soul as much as 248,607.
Toraja tribe who inhabit the mountains and to maintain the typical life style and still show Austronesia a lifestyle similar to the native culture and Nias. This area is one of tourism in South Sulawesi.
Tana Toraja to visit, it's not complete without visiting various tourism objects are there. Natural beauty and hospitality of communities into a distinctive charm. Berbalut the majesty of nature into one culture with a culture that is still awake with the good, into a harmony that is saying to be missed.

Or travel from Makassar Ujung Pandang to Toraja passing through the coastal route along the 130 km mountain climb. After entering the Tana Toraja, you begin to enter the pamandangan filled with natural splendor.
Graphite stone and other rock, and the blue mountains in the distance after passing the market village Mebali akan seen people who are so Beternak sheep of the visible contrast with the lush green grass, limpahan food in a beautiful tropical land. This is Tana Toraja, one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia.
Tana Toraja has a specific and unique funeral ceremony in the tradition known as beacon Tuka. In Tana Toraja dead bodies in the grave but not placed in Tongkanan for some time. Laying period of time this can be more than 10 years until his family has enough money to implement appropriate ceremonies for the dead. After the ceremony, taken to the health mayatnya last in the cave wall or mountain.
Skull-skull that showed us that the corpse was not buried but placed in the rock, or under, or in the hole. Usually. funeral festival season begins when the last rice has been harvested. Usually the end of June or July, and at the latest by September.

Go there
Air Travel: Starting from the airfield Hassanudin. Makasar or Ujung Pandang, the Tana Toraja to fly through a field near Rantepao Makle, 24 km south of Rantepao and there will be no bus service to the city.
Land travel: bus to Rantepao to Ujung Pandang each day during the trip takes approximately 8 hours including breaks for meals. Tickets must be purchased in the city, but departs from the Bus terminal Panaikan.20 minutes out of town with the Bemo. Buses usually go in the morning (7 am) Noon Day (1 hour lunch) and at night (7 nights). Some associations in Rantepao back to Ujung Pandang again. Basanya bus is adjusted by the number of departing passengers.
Living Places

Travelers who want to stay in the middle of the city has a great selection of hotels. But if you have the adventurous spirit, you can sleep in the village with the surrounding community.
Visit Other Places
Bemo is the best way to discover the area around. In addition to the type of other (small bus or jeep) with or without drivers. If you have been in the village you can walk to corral all.
Other things to see and do
Navigating the market. You do not lag up to visit the traditional market. Here you will find a typical Toraja coffee beans (such as Arabica and Robusta) and a few other unique items such as fruits (or Tamarella Terong Netherlands and goldfish).
Visit the stone Tomonga means are stones that lead to the cloud. From this place we can see many rock vulkanik the carpet from the pop field. And some giant stones that became Cave. Really beautiful scenery and the Tana Toraja looks lush and green.
Visiting Palawa. Palawaadalah a good place to visit. Tongkonan where there is a burial place or area to conduct ceremonies and festivals.
Make a trip from Rantepao to Kete. Traditional craft villages with a good hand. Behind the village in the hills there is a cave ukuranya is older than the size of the living.

Luak Coffee

if there are any questions, whether the coffee is most expensive in the world? may be smiling because we thought that all the world coffee price is relatively the same.
but, do you imagine that these copies have been the coffee that is processed from animal dung?
Well, not a secret anymore that these copies are currently the coffee produced by farmers from Indonesia. Coffee is the name given Luak coffee. This coffee has the taste and aroma which is very typical. besides, the reality is quite surprising that coffee badger comes from civet dung (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus).
Coffee badger currently in production in many areas in Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. other countries that produce coffee badger this is Vietnam and the Philippines.
Coffee badger is in essence a result vermentasi coffee beans that have been cooked a meal in and by badger or weasel.
Coffee beans in the dirt with badger does not have anymore, is what distinguishes them with coffee processed in a factory. In the digestive system badger, coffee beans have chemical reaction with the enzyme digestion badger.
This is the enzyme that gives the coffee a different taste when consumed badger. It's more lightweight, low acidity level, and has a soft texture.
Coffee beans badger found on rocks, dried leaves, or wood that is in the forest near the coffee plantation. Coffee will not badger found in coffee plantation area in the vicinity of the coffee plantation sure many residential and badger are very avoid direct contact with humans.
One badger wet dirt pile approximately 200 grams. And heavy dirt will be reduced dramatically when cleaned and badger seeds found on rocks, dried leaves, or wood that is in the forest near the coffee plantation. Coffee will not badger found in coffee plantation area in the vicinity of the coffee plantation sure many residential and badger are very avoid direct contact with humans.
One badger wet dirt pile approximately 200 grams. And heavy dirt will be reduced dramatically when cleaned and dikeringkan.Saat this badger Coffee marketed around Rp. 115,000, - / 100 grams (Rupiah).

Takabonerate Island

Taka Bonerate National Park has the third largest coral atol in the world after the Kwajifein the Marshal Islands and Islands Suvadiva in Moldiva. Atol knowledgeable about 220,000 hectares, with a coral reef flat area is 500 km ².

Topographic area is very unique and interesting, where atol group consisting of islands and coral reef a broad and sunken, forming the islands with a rather large amount. Among the islands reef, there is a narrow strait, the passage in and pitched. While on the coral reef surface, there are many ponds in the small and surrounded by coral reefs. At the lowest ebb, with a clearly visible and the dry land with water that formed a small swimming-pool.

Coral reefs have been identified as many as 261 species from 17 families, among Pocillopora eydouxi, danae Montipora, Acropora palifera, Porites cylindrica, Pavona clavus, Fungia concinna, and others. Most coral species has been established coral reef atol (barrier reef) and coral edge (fringing reef). Overall coral reefs is a beautiful and still relatively intact.

There are about 295 types of coral fish and fish consumption of high economic value such as Kerapu (Epinephelus spp.), Tuna (Katsuwonus spp.), Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus), and baronang (Siganus sp.).

As many as 244 species of which moluska lola (Trochus niloticus), goat head shell (Cassis cornuta), triton (Charonia tritonis), batulaga (Turbo spp.), Kima shell (Tridacna squamosa), pearl oyster (Pinctada spp.), And hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius).

Species recorded, including the turtle shell turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), and it cracked (Dermochelys coriacea).

Visit best season: April s / d in June and October until December each year.

How well a location: use bus from Makassar to Bulukumba (153 km) to the time of the five hours, and then to the port with ferry Pamatata Selayar about two hours, which was extended to Benteng approximately 1.5 hours. Benteng from the nearest island to the ship using a Small Rajuni wood about five hours.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Caribbean is a series of islands in the Caribbean Sea that extends along the 4,020 km between Venezuela (South America) and Central America. Islands are divided into three major groups namely Bahamas, Antilles Large (Greater Antilles), and the Small Antilles (Lesser Antilles). Bahamas is an archipelago in the northern Caribbean, including the island of Andros. Small Antilles is kelompokeindahan_pulau_karibiak small islands in the eastern Caribbean, including in Aruba, Grenada, Martinique, Barbados, and Barbuda.

Great Antilles is a collection of islands in the Caribbean, including in Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and the island occupied by the two countries, namely Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Overall the number of islands in the Caribbean islands for 7000, both also did not want uninhabited. Caribbean is very famous as tourism destinations because of its beautiful beaches and climate tropisnya exotic.
Nightclubs St. Vincent is the oldest botanical garden in the countries in the southern hemisphere. Captain Bligh, a British ship captain, the first time introduce breadfruit (European people known by the term fruit bread or breadfruit), Tahiti as the food of the slaves in this botanical garden. The Musée de la Pagerie on the island of Martinique is the first museum of the place of birth empress of France, Josephine.

In it there are many collections of residual consort of Napoleon Bonaparte is. Josephine has the original name Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie born in Martinique on 23 June 1763 from the rich pair Tascher Joseph-Gaspard de la Pagerie and Rose-Claire des Vergers de Sannois. Josephine was a widow when she married with Bonaparte. Their marriage ended with divorce because both are not mutually faithful.

There are many more historical places in the entire Caribbean. For example, the island of Curaçao, the islands get a lot of influence from the Netherlands kolonialisasi. On the island you can see jejeran buildings from the colonial period between the 17 th century and 18 century architecture that has the menawan.

Fort Brimstone Hill on St. Kitts originally founded as a bastion in the West Indies during the war. Fort this size is very, very, very big. This fortress was built on a regular basis between the years 1690 and 1790 (Old once ya? Not surprisingly large size), and is a fortress with the most complete weapons at that time.

Brimstone Hill has a high 800 feet (244 m) and is a steep escarpment. Medan hill is not very possible to be a place to establish a stronghold. However, owing to training (if not as good as severity) of the UK military memperbudakkan African people, the terrain can ditaklukan and ongoing development of the fort remains (although many also take the life of the victim).

Location fortress on the hill providing stunning scenery of green hills around it, and allows soldiers to perform reconnaissance UK total against their enemies. Brimstone Hill fortress dialihfungsikan a national park in 1987.

Fort is often used for conferences or even the area where the wedding reception rental prices vary from U.S. $ 100 to U.S. $ 1000. By UNESCO, the fort is given the title as one of the Historic Site of survival because several factors, among others; wiliness the British military in terms of architecture and led the development of the fort and also because of the strength and capacity building in African slaves.

Caribbean population is very proud to be their history, so they will not hesitate to protect the monument-historikal most valuable monuments in the land of them. Obvious example in the Caribbean, the government's efforts to protect the sites historikal you can see in places like national parks Nelson's Dockyard, Clarence House, the national parks Fort Brimstone Hill, St City. Vincent, and the Musée de la Pagerie.

neslons-national dockyard Nelson's Park Dockyard is located in the central English Harbor in Antigua. At first this place is a hangout for the British navy soldier who later ditelantarkan and closed at 1889. Now, this place has direstorasi be the only Georgian-style historic pier in the world.

From Nelson's Dockyard, we can see that Clarence House is the residence of the king of England, William IV. William IV lived there at the time he was still serving as captain ship HMS Pegasus, under the command of Lord Nelson.

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Kenangan masa SMA/SMU merupakan sebuah pengalaman yang tidak bisa dilupakan. berbagai cerita tentang masa-masa itu terus diingat dan diceritakan tanpa mengenal kata bosan. ada kisah tentang kegembiraan, kisah sedih, percintaan, dll. seluruh kisah tersebut menjadi sebuah jejak dalam peradaban hidup kita dimasa sekarang dan yang akan datang.
sementara itu, alumni SMA/SMU Neg.5 Makassar yang tersebar di seluruh penjuru tanah air. mereka datang dari berbagai latar belakang profesi, mulai dari pemerintahan, TNI, POLRI, pengusaha, praktisi, akademisi dan berbagai profesi lainnya yang merupakan sebuah potensi yang sangat besar untuk memajukan Almamater tercinta. mereka menginginkan sebuah komunitas alumni yang mampu mengakomodir mereka dalam sebuah payung komunitas. komunitas ini nantinya diharapkan mapu menyuarakan berbagai kebutuhan dan keinginan mereka terhadap berbagai hal seputar SMA Neg.5 Makassar pada khususnya, termasuk didalamnya guru, karyawan dan seluruh elemen sekolah. selain itu fenomena masalah sosial tidak luput pula dari perhatian komunitas ini nantinya.
berdasarkan hal tersebut diatas, kami akhirnya membentuk sebuah komunitas yang kami namakan "ASLI MAKASSAR COMMUNITY" yang artinya: Komunitas Alumni SMA Neg.5 Makassar.
kami berharap seluruh alumni SMA Neg.5 Makassar dapat bergabung bersama kami dalam sebuah payung komunitas yang diharapkan mampu mengakomodir seluruh keinginan dan harapan teman-teman alumni terhadap almamater SMA Neg.5 Makassar tercinta.

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