Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely December at Toraja

Toraja as one of the main tourist destination in Indonesia, offers a program that is "Lovely December." This program is the government's efforts in increasing tourism visits in this area.
With a variety of cultural attractions and natural scenery that is very captivating, it will offer a different experience for each person who came to Toraja.
Various attractions are, among other signs Solo (Toraja traditional funeral ceremony), signs Tuka (syukuran indigenous Toraja ceremony), and Masemba (dance avenge themselves Toraja). Typically, signs and signs Solo Tuka was held in accordance hajatan family agenda family specific.
As for other activities in the series of "Lovely December" among others Maiting River Festival, Dance Festival Pagellu, Buffalo contest, Climbing, and major tourist attractions.
All districts and cities took to support the cultural attractions. For example, Makkacaping of Bissu Sidrap and dances from Pangkep.
Come and watch "Lovely December in Tana Toraja.


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