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Beauty Of Tana Toraja

Kabupaten Tana Toraja is a district in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The capital of this district is Makale. This district has area of 1990 km ² and has a soul as much as 248,607.
Toraja tribe who inhabit the mountains and to maintain the typical life style and still show Austronesia a lifestyle similar to the native culture and Nias. This area is one of tourism in South Sulawesi.
Tana Toraja to visit, it's not complete without visiting various tourism objects are there. Natural beauty and hospitality of communities into a distinctive charm. Berbalut the majesty of nature into one culture with a culture that is still awake with the good, into a harmony that is saying to be missed.

Or travel from Makassar Ujung Pandang to Toraja passing through the coastal route along the 130 km mountain climb. After entering the Tana Toraja, you begin to enter the pamandangan filled with natural splendor.
Graphite stone and other rock, and the blue mountains in the distance after passing the market village Mebali akan seen people who are so Beternak sheep of the visible contrast with the lush green grass, limpahan food in a beautiful tropical land. This is Tana Toraja, one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia.
Tana Toraja has a specific and unique funeral ceremony in the tradition known as beacon Tuka. In Tana Toraja dead bodies in the grave but not placed in Tongkanan for some time. Laying period of time this can be more than 10 years until his family has enough money to implement appropriate ceremonies for the dead. After the ceremony, taken to the health mayatnya last in the cave wall or mountain.
Skull-skull that showed us that the corpse was not buried but placed in the rock, or under, or in the hole. Usually. funeral festival season begins when the last rice has been harvested. Usually the end of June or July, and at the latest by September.

Go there
Air Travel: Starting from the airfield Hassanudin. Makasar or Ujung Pandang, the Tana Toraja to fly through a field near Rantepao Makle, 24 km south of Rantepao and there will be no bus service to the city.
Land travel: bus to Rantepao to Ujung Pandang each day during the trip takes approximately 8 hours including breaks for meals. Tickets must be purchased in the city, but departs from the Bus terminal Panaikan.20 minutes out of town with the Bemo. Buses usually go in the morning (7 am) Noon Day (1 hour lunch) and at night (7 nights). Some associations in Rantepao back to Ujung Pandang again. Basanya bus is adjusted by the number of departing passengers.
Living Places

Travelers who want to stay in the middle of the city has a great selection of hotels. But if you have the adventurous spirit, you can sleep in the village with the surrounding community.
Visit Other Places
Bemo is the best way to discover the area around. In addition to the type of other (small bus or jeep) with or without drivers. If you have been in the village you can walk to corral all.
Other things to see and do
Navigating the market. You do not lag up to visit the traditional market. Here you will find a typical Toraja coffee beans (such as Arabica and Robusta) and a few other unique items such as fruits (or Tamarella Terong Netherlands and goldfish).
Visit the stone Tomonga means are stones that lead to the cloud. From this place we can see many rock vulkanik the carpet from the pop field. And some giant stones that became Cave. Really beautiful scenery and the Tana Toraja looks lush and green.
Visiting Palawa. Palawaadalah a good place to visit. Tongkonan where there is a burial place or area to conduct ceremonies and festivals.
Make a trip from Rantepao to Kete. Traditional craft villages with a good hand. Behind the village in the hills there is a cave ukuranya is older than the size of the living.

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