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California is a state located on the west coast of the United States, with the largest population in the U.S.. If California an independent state, he would be in a position to 6th and 9th in the world economy. And also the most diverse state in the U.S. race, his official title is The Golden State. This is a part of history during the 1849 California Gold Rush, but also refers to the local grass that turned into a golden color in the summer.
California is famous earthquake, because the San Andreas Fault. Although a stronger quake occurred in Alaska and along the Mississippi River, the earthquake in California is famous for its frequency and its location in the populous region. Some people believe, ultimately, a major earthquake will cause the breakup of coastal California with the continent, and will sink into the ocean or forming a new land. The reality of this scenario is not possible from the viewpoint of geologikal, but does not reduce the public trust, or by the producers of media science-fiction and fantasy often exploit this possibility.
Here are a few tourist attractions in California are worth a visit if you're there:
1. Zeppelin Airship Venture - San Francisco Area, California. This is the largest airship flying the skies over the planet and currently there are just three of them, one being right here in San Francisco! The others are in Germany and Tokyo. You will be impressed when you see how this fabulous creation floats through the skies
2. Marconi Automotive Museum - Tuslin, California. This museum first opened its doors in 1994. There are over 40 mint condition cars at the museum. The classics include a 1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet, 1937 Ahrens-Fox fire engine, a bright yellow 1973 Ferrari convertible, and a black 1989 Lamborghini Countac, etc.

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