Friday, July 31, 2009

Thailand, journey to Pattaya..

Pattaya is a city of flamboyant play of young people from all over the world. The north Pattaya more calm and suitable for rileks, berolah water sport. Meanwhile, south of Pattaya crowded with foreign tourists who enjoy the nightlife. Pattaya can be reached from Suvarnabhumi airport about one hour only.

Some of the recommended places to visit:

Wat Yannasangwararam
Magnificent temples, but heartwarming was built by the King, gave an example of a unique cultural and architectural Thailand. Store important relics of the Buddha, here the visitor can stroll while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere to learn about important aspects of culture in Buddhis Thailand. Is adjacent to the Temple of Wat Viharn sian.

Viharn sian Chinese Statues
This temple has hundreds of beautiful statues carved China. Find ancestors and gods goddess ancient Asian cultures in a tour of the history here, including the bronze statue of a monk with 19 jurus Shaolin kungfu.

Sea Tourism
- Coral Island (Ko Larn)
Place for the family for recreation and water, and found rileks atmosphere. Can be reached by ferry (45 minutes) or the speed boat (15 minutes). Here we can swim, play parasailing, running water, or just sit-sit relaxed.
- Ko Krok: a small island to see the coral sea diving.
- Ko Sak: generally to swim, the accommodation available for tourists.
- Ko phai: 2 hours can be achieved with a boat to rent in South Pattaya. Ideal for relaxation, swimming, diving and fishing.

Sanctuary of Truth
Temple carved out of wood with the principles of good religion, philosophy and art. Location by the beach, quiet atmosphere to give suitable for retret. Sometimes there are dolphins in perairannya.

Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm
Watch the stones that terbekukan for hundreds of years, and has a strange shape like animals, even a tree which has frozen millions of years age seberat 9 tons! Also, there is a rare zoo animals such as giant catfish (up to 500 kg), bear, tiger and albino crocodile. Children can bercengkerama with a baby tiger, horse bangs children, and feed the hungry crocodile.

Three Kingdoms Park
In the garden this culture there are three pagodas that keep religious statues such as the Buddha, Goddess Kuan Im and Dewa-Dewi other China. In addition, there is also a corridor berlukis terpanjang in the world, with a 56 episode story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sam Kok). In this complex in the resort where there is also a horse practice Horseshoe Point.

Floating Market
Various outlets in the form of a wooden house, offers a variety of souvenirs, food and art and crafts from the area of Thailand 4. The market float is changed to the night market at sunset.

Walking Street
Shining neon lights, pubs and various shops that sell all the goods. Here also many seafood restaurants on the waterfront. However, there are areas that should never have children together.

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