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Caribbean is a series of islands in the Caribbean Sea that extends along the 4,020 km between Venezuela (South America) and Central America. Islands are divided into three major groups namely Bahamas, Antilles Large (Greater Antilles), and the Small Antilles (Lesser Antilles). Bahamas is an archipelago in the northern Caribbean, including the island of Andros. Small Antilles is kelompokeindahan_pulau_karibiak small islands in the eastern Caribbean, including in Aruba, Grenada, Martinique, Barbados, and Barbuda.

Great Antilles is a collection of islands in the Caribbean, including in Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and the island occupied by the two countries, namely Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Overall the number of islands in the Caribbean islands for 7000, both also did not want uninhabited. Caribbean is very famous as tourism destinations because of its beautiful beaches and climate tropisnya exotic.
Nightclubs St. Vincent is the oldest botanical garden in the countries in the southern hemisphere. Captain Bligh, a British ship captain, the first time introduce breadfruit (European people known by the term fruit bread or breadfruit), Tahiti as the food of the slaves in this botanical garden. The Musée de la Pagerie on the island of Martinique is the first museum of the place of birth empress of France, Josephine.

In it there are many collections of residual consort of Napoleon Bonaparte is. Josephine has the original name Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie born in Martinique on 23 June 1763 from the rich pair Tascher Joseph-Gaspard de la Pagerie and Rose-Claire des Vergers de Sannois. Josephine was a widow when she married with Bonaparte. Their marriage ended with divorce because both are not mutually faithful.

There are many more historical places in the entire Caribbean. For example, the island of Curaçao, the islands get a lot of influence from the Netherlands kolonialisasi. On the island you can see jejeran buildings from the colonial period between the 17 th century and 18 century architecture that has the menawan.

Fort Brimstone Hill on St. Kitts originally founded as a bastion in the West Indies during the war. Fort this size is very, very, very big. This fortress was built on a regular basis between the years 1690 and 1790 (Old once ya? Not surprisingly large size), and is a fortress with the most complete weapons at that time.

Brimstone Hill has a high 800 feet (244 m) and is a steep escarpment. Medan hill is not very possible to be a place to establish a stronghold. However, owing to training (if not as good as severity) of the UK military memperbudakkan African people, the terrain can ditaklukan and ongoing development of the fort remains (although many also take the life of the victim).

Location fortress on the hill providing stunning scenery of green hills around it, and allows soldiers to perform reconnaissance UK total against their enemies. Brimstone Hill fortress dialihfungsikan a national park in 1987.

Fort is often used for conferences or even the area where the wedding reception rental prices vary from U.S. $ 100 to U.S. $ 1000. By UNESCO, the fort is given the title as one of the Historic Site of survival because several factors, among others; wiliness the British military in terms of architecture and led the development of the fort and also because of the strength and capacity building in African slaves.

Caribbean population is very proud to be their history, so they will not hesitate to protect the monument-historikal most valuable monuments in the land of them. Obvious example in the Caribbean, the government's efforts to protect the sites historikal you can see in places like national parks Nelson's Dockyard, Clarence House, the national parks Fort Brimstone Hill, St City. Vincent, and the Musée de la Pagerie.

neslons-national dockyard Nelson's Park Dockyard is located in the central English Harbor in Antigua. At first this place is a hangout for the British navy soldier who later ditelantarkan and closed at 1889. Now, this place has direstorasi be the only Georgian-style historic pier in the world.

From Nelson's Dockyard, we can see that Clarence House is the residence of the king of England, William IV. William IV lived there at the time he was still serving as captain ship HMS Pegasus, under the command of Lord Nelson.

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