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Amazing Barocay

Boracay is a small island south of Luzon Island, Philippines. And is one of the most popular tourist destination. In that sense, it is not complete without a visit to the Philippines stopped at this small island.
beaches in Boracay, was mentioned as the second most beautiful beaches in the world after the beach at Malibu. and many tourists from Korea and Japan that often holidays here.
To reach Boracay, we can only use a propeller aircraft. When he left, we boarded the plane that people berpenumpang 30s, using the South East Airlines. Travel for 35 minutes, not too long.
Boracay does not have an airport, for that we must land at Caticlan on Panay island. Size small enough airport reminded me of Jurassic Park, where a small plane that berpenumpang tourists, landed at a deserted airport pioneers from the crowd. Actually there is more that 1 airport Kalibo Airport is located in northern Panay. From here to Boracay, further, we must ride bus or van. So do we reply faster via Caticlan. This advantage is also being picked up by SE Airlines, all of their aircraft landed in Caticlan, and they have the motto "The fastest Airline to Boracay". Meanwhile, Cebu Airlines, have landed in Kalibo Airport, and it was influential on the price of their tickets. Flights to Boracay to Cebu Arilines "only" 4000 pesos. The difference is quite tuh ma SE Airlines.
Beach here was really white. The water was clear, and no rocks or seaweed. Even when we bit into the center, until the chest-high water, tetep no seaweed or algae and corals. Instead, the existing sand-colored fish that we ngajak play. Swimming in the ocean like a swimming pool, the sea was calm. Only the occasional big wave, remaining calm as the swimming pool. Was really beach lovers paradise.

One of the activities on the island of Boracay is around. By paying 1300 pesos, we hired a boat to spin around the island. Morning is the perfect time for this activity. Armed with a snorkel and bread, we set off, across the sea: p

The first goal is to Cove Island, a private island in which there are resorts, but this resort is also lonely. To go to this place we have to pay about 100 pesos per person. Inside were the towers to see the beach, and the funny buildings suitable for picture ria deh. The scenery is the sea cliffs and the waves are big enough. Here are 2 caves. The first cave, relatively small, to get to the cave, we must narrow down the super-fit that only 1 person, his reply segede Tika Panggabean, ga guaranteed to pass. In the cave, there are formed granite rising (I'm also not clear whether this is real or artificial). Well a good place for still photographs.

The second cave is located higher and to get to the bottom, the road is more difficult, because we have doused ria berbasah waves, and there was 1 small hall, where we have to go with my head down. This turned out to penetrate into the cave. The sound waves that broke the rocks in a cave plus echo, making the atmosphere in the cave seemed scary, even in daylight.

Apart from Cove Island, we headed to Crocodile Island, an island uninhabited rocks. The shape of this small island is like a crocodile's stomach. Crocodile Island near a spot for snorkeling. After the ship moored at the anchors who seems to have provided for the ship, I can not wait to jump straight into the sea. Fortunately, the boat captain does not suggest that a fairly shallow depth. In every ship is provided the steps, from where I nyemplung into the sea. The waves were pretty big day, because it does not use shoes and Fin, I ga dare to swim away. Just around the ship. Helmsman advised to feed the fish with the bread we had brought. Sure enough, once the bread into the water, hundreds of fish come right out and rush to eat bread. Perhaps because it has become a tourist attraction, then the fish is also benign and dare to play near us. In fact, we can hold the fish that were swarming around the bread. The rocks here, frankly not as good as in Indonesia. Even in the Thousand Islands, coral more diverse and beautiful.

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