Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wakatobi Island

The beauty of national parks under the sea Wakatobi, apparently so flabbergast for the world, because as much as 90 percent of sea coral species in the world found under the sea Wakatobi. Which means that 850 species of coral from the sea of the world as much as 750 species found on down Wakatobi sea.
View from Wakatobi is located in the heart of the coral triangle which at this time as national parks, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Paua New Guiena, Salamon Islands and Timor Leste. Waktobi entry in three world-class dive center. However, in an effort to increase the number of tourists to come in the national parks Waktobi enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature with heaven digelari the sea bottom, which is a tourism potential that should proud a local government by the community, the need of infrastructure support, such as the airport is sufficient to facilitate the access of tourists arriving in Wakatobi, as well as with the facilities and infrastructure of the hotel and restaurant is international.
Wakatobi diapit the island by sea in two of Banda Sea and Flores Sea is the confluence of two currents in the sea. According to the fisheries and marine science, the effects of the two currents of the sea, there rotation to flow from the top surface and from surface to the bottom. This caused the growth and perkembanga plankton and coral reefs to be very healthy.
Wakatobi district has a rich maritime potential. Overall, the Wakatobi marine store wealth as 396 coral species of the sea. The types of coral that is found among other Acrophora SPP, SPP Dendrophyllia, Favia Abdita, Echinopora Horrida, Favites spp, Heliofungia Actiniformis, Holothuria edulis, Lobophylla SPP, Montastrea spp, Mycedium spp, Millepora spp, spp Nepthea, Oulophylla Crispa, Oxypora spp, Pavona Clavus, P decussata, Platygira Lamellina, P. Pini, Porites spp, spp Porithes, Spirobranchus Giganteus, Symphyllia spp, and Turbinaria Frondens.
Type fish into the sea which, among other Wakatobi Abudefduf Leucogaster, A. Saxatilis, Acanthurus Achilles, A. Aliosa, A. Mata, Amphiprion tricinctus, Chaetodon Specullum, Chelinus Undulatus, Chelmon Rostratus, Heniochus Acuminatus, H. Permutatus, Macolor Macularis (snappers), Napoleon Wrasse, Paramia Quinquelineata, Scarus Qibbus, and S. Taeniurus. Some other types of marine biota ie kima, lola, fish, turtle, and other species.
To achieve the Wakatobi archipelago, the visitor should be transiting in Makassar. From Makassar, the visitor will come during the 45 minute flight to Kendari. After that, visitors will travel through the sea for 9 days using a motor boat to the Wanci. If that is the enchantment under the sea in the most spectacular sea Wakatobi.


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